Modex offers extra cargo space on deck
September 24, 2008

Developed by Ulstein Design and Evomec AS in Norway, Modex is a new cargo-carrying solution for offshore support vessels that its developers believe will enhance cargo carrying capacity and provide greater flexibility on PSVs.

Modex consists of an additional cargo deck that is mounted on and runs along a ship’s cargo rails.

Using an Ulstein PX105 PSV as an example, such equipment could provide approximately 235m2 more deck area.

Ulstein Design and Evomec also collaborated with Møreforsking in Molde, Norway on developing the new deck concept, drawing on Møreforsking’s expertise in logistics planning for offshore vessels.

Shiowner Remøy Shipping and Norwegian oil major StatoilHydro also played an important role in the evolution of the Modex concept.

A PX105 PSV of the type that Remøy currently has on order was used as the base case for the concept studies carried our by the project partners.

Ulstein Group says it anticipates that Modex could be particularly useful for transporting inter-field cargo and for transporting cargo on the return leg of a voyage.

StatoilHydro has reportedly already expressed an interest in the concept, development of which has been under way for approximately nine months.

The Modex system consists of a movable deck placed on a rail arrangement with the aid of bogies. The deck can be locked into three pre-defined positions and is mechanically locked when the ship is underway. Modex can be in-built to a new design from the outset, or retrofitted on existing ships with what Ulstein Design describes as “moderate modifications.”

The Modex structure weighs approximately 65 tonnes, and Ulstein Design’s studies suggest that installing such an extra deck would not have an adverse effect on a ship’s stability margins and could even result in enhanced motion characteristics. A Modex deck is moved using a remote controlled tracking system.



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